Preform moulds

Detailed description

Product description

1、Electric control system with simulating to improve yield rate;

2、Advanced technique to make each cavity self-lock, the eccentricity is within ±0.1mm

The weight/gram tolerance is ±0.2g, .Guarantee time to keep mold in good free repair for 2 year.the mold has no margin and bur. It has advantages of good finish and smooth shelling, no draw bench , breach and clamping preform mold

3、Stainless steel imported from Sweden and Germany for core&cavity to guarantee good tooling performance .

4、International standard screw neck, imported nitrated steel with high hardness and long life.

5、Advanced hot runner system with point to point control system, ensure uniform heating,which brings high quality performs;

6、Excellent cooling system brings high efficiency.

7、Automatically cut the tail of the preform to reduce the labor, the preform with smooth feeding point to enhance the appearance of the preform.