Taizhou Huangyan Taoyuan Mould Co., Ltd. is located in the "hometown of moulds" - - Zhejiang Huangyan has been devoted to the research of PET bottle embryo mould and hollow moulding mould since its establishment. After more than ten years of exploration and development, relying on continuous innovation and improvement, we have designed and manufactured the whole line from bottle to bottle embryo. The main products are PET bottles, caps, blow moulds and space cups.
In recent years, based on the original experience and the concept of "people-oriented, value creation", the company has trained and trained its own excellent technical and management team. It has comprehensively introduced and applied complete sets of technologies such as CAD/CAM/CAE and various precision machine tools, such as CNC lathes, CNC boring machines, CNC EDM machines and other advanced equipment. It is the first to realize the standardized, scientific and large-scale operation of mould manufacturing. Products are exported to many countries.
Taoyuan has the common long gate (bottle embryo) mold and shear-free gate (bottle embryo) mold series; self-locking and shear-free gate (bottle embryo) mold series; needle valve seal (bottle embryo) mold series of bottle embryo (bottle embryo) mold series.

In order to meet customers'higher requirements for the accuracy and efficiency of die manufacturing, the company expanded production in 2015 to further improve the accuracy of die manufacturing, change the mode of die manufacturing, adopt flexible and intelligent processing technology, tamp the level of processing and manufacturing, and build the company into a first-class PET die research and development, manufacturing in the spirit of craftsmen. Center. Better serve our customers and promote the overall technical level of PET mold industry.。

number Quality assurance

We gather the world's leading brands of high-precision processing equipment in the industry, combined with years of exploration and practice to optimize the processing process, for the production of high-quality bottle blank mold laid a reliable foundation. Production and processing links are self inspection and inspection by production workers.

Personnel first inspection, inspection personnel sampling and quality control center of the total inspection. To achieve the raw materials, heat treatment, equipment accuracy, processing accuracy and other links layer by layer, to provide a strong guarantee for product quality.

TaoYuan mold, you are trustworthy.!

number The key to success

In the process of globalization, Taoyuan has served more than 20 enterprises in more than more than 500 countries. With reasonable price, reliable quality and excellent service. It is widely loved by small and medium-sized enterprises in Southeast Asia, South Asia, Middle East, Europe, South America, North America and Africa, and enjoys a good reputation both at home and abroad.

High output, short cycle time and low energy requirements. As an expert in this field, we know that our customers need to remain competitive in the market. Taoyuan Mould continuously develops all its products and has established itself as one of the technological leaders in the industry. Our close relationship with our customers enables us to develop extraordinary solutions that meet the requirements of quality, price and delivery time, which is beyond doubt.